How to choose a perfect tooth-brush?

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Yes, you heard us right; you may have ended up in a place where Life Smiles Family Dentist would also be saying the same thing. Without having a right kind of tooth-brush, it becomes very difficult to brush your teeth properly and maintain your oral hygiene.

Have you ever been for a tooth-brush shopping? There would be a lot of storage boxes containing tooth-brushes of various sizes and types but unknowingly you may buy something that would certainly cause you irritation when you brush the next time. So let’s take a look at the steps you need to take care while buying a tooth brush.

Also, seek advice from your Life Smiles Family Dentist before you go ahead on a tooth-brush shopping.

Check for the bristles before you even pick up a tooth-brush. You need to know what bristles suit your gums. You should always try and check for something that does not hurt your gums and cause bleeding, so always look for soft to medium bristles tooth-brushes.

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Look for the handle of the tooth brush, you need to ensure that the handle of the tooth-brush is comfortable for you to hold and should not break the moment you bend it a little. Check with Life Smiles Family Dentist before you go ahead buying a tooth brush and investing on it.

You should always check the size of the tooth-brush head before you buy the especially for small kids. You may end up buying an adult tooth-brush for a school going child. Hence, this becomes one of the major criteria when you go for a tooth brush shopping.

Do not go for something jazzy, if you end up buying something that is not comfortable then there is no point in spending a lot and ending up buying something that does not fit your needs.




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