Learn More about Your Automobile’s Windshield

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Windshield is one of the important components of your car. It is a must that you know some important aspects before you go for a windshield repair or a replacement.


How do you know that the windshield installed is of top grade?

  • Firstly, the auto glass installation is done with the help of automotive grade urethane. This creates the molecular bond of the automobile and the glass. Failing to proper installation there will be ineffectiveness of the air bag and also the structural integrity of the roof.
  • In addition, on the event of an accident, the glass material stops the shards of glass to affect people around but instead falls in one place. This protects the passengers, drivers from brutal deaths and injuries.
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How does the windshield keep you safe?

  • The urethane sealant used is to protect from the ultra violet radiations. You will find a band of dark dots at the edge of the windshield. It serves the same purpose. Besides on event of a crash, it protects.
  • Apart from this, it protects the passengers from any debris on the road that could cause impact on vision.
  • The windshield acts like an anti-glare sunlight making driving pleasurable.

Why must you not drive with cracked windshield?

  • It is unsafe as the windshield is not in a position to withstand more impact. It could have a breakage any time.
  • It can cause hindrances to your vision, and accidents may occur due to this.

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Why does a spontaneous glass breakage occur?

  • This occurs due to toughened or tempered glass breaking without an external force.
  • It could be due to nicked or chipped edges
  • Minor damages during installation

In a nutshell, do not neglect your windshield if it has a crack. It could lead to enormous affects. Happy driving!

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