Want To Dress Up As A Mermaid This Halloween? Einmal Meerjungfrau Has Perfect Choice

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If dressing up as amermaid is your dream this Halloween then you are at the right place. There are anumber ofHalloween outfits on our website and these are sure to inspire you as well as spoil you for choice.

The little mermaid

Aerial is a popular costume with its purple coloured top and green coloured bottoms as well as red hair. The corset at “Einmal Meerjungfrau”also comes with a wiring and the size chart is also perfect. We have costumes for almost all the sizes. The tail is made of foam so its shape willremain intact. Youdefinitelyfeel sexy when you were this costumer.

The skeleton mermaid costume

The dark coloured skeleton mermaid costume is sure to impress. Thisis such a fun way to create this mermaid. The scary mermaid is a favorite too this season. Youcan also beautify it with some seashells.


The hipster mermaid

This is an easy and a fun costume and perfect for those who want to stay away from the skirt. If you have a mermaid legging or a seashell tank then this goes well with it. Just add on a hipster glass and red hair.

The mermaid skirt

Perfect for Halloween the mermaid skirt are many and will spoil you for choice with the designs and varieties. The skirt is also a very popular choice among the lovely ladies. Everyone not only loves it but also recommend it so make sure that you choose the size perfectly well.

The mermaid top

Einmal-Meerjungfrau is sparkly and sure to attract attention. Look at the tops and buy them online. There are plenty of varieties to choose from. The designs are beautiful and go well with the skirt and the leggings.

So choose your style and design and be the show stopper at Halloween this year.

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