Some Points to Understand Before Investing in Vape Oil

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If you are new to CBD or vaping, there are a few things that must be cleared before you buy the vape oil. These things can come in handy at a later time when you can understand all about the different products and how to consume them accordingly. Moreover, these points can be the reference while buying the product. Hence, we look at them here one by one.

  • There is a difference between CBD vape oil and CBD oil – Many of us may think that CBD vape oil (e-liquid) and CBD oil are one and the same thing. But it is not so. There are some differences between them. CBD oil is a concentrated product and can be only consumed orally (i.e., under the tongue). Hence, CBD oil is not meant to be smoked by pouring it into a vaping tank. When you buy the vape oil, you can be better prepared for vaping as CBD vape oil can be vaporized and inhaled. Therefore, CBD oil is not meant for vaping and people should not use it with a pen. Interestingly, CBD vape oil can also be consumed orally.


  • Origin of vape oil – It is important to understand the origin of vape oil so that a more informed decision can be taken. CBD vape oil is usually prepared from hemp derived cannabidiol. Therefore, it has a high quantity of CBD and a very negligible concentration of THC. So, if you want to buy the vape oil for vaping only, there is not much difference with the e-liquid. After all, the origin of both are still the same, only the experience may change. You can still get the goodness of hemp plant without any psychoactive reactions of THC. Vape oil has its origin to the hemp plant and so, all rules are similar to CBD also.
  • Vaping may be the best way to consume CBD – While you may always consume CBD orally, but the effects may not be as good as vaping. It is because when you vape, at least 50 to 60 percent of CBD enters the system and acts very fast whereas it is not so with oral consumption.

Having a good knowledge of these points will enable you to make the best decision while buying a vape oil of your choice.


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