The Funded: 5 Bay Area Startups Raise $50M at Week’s End: Know What It Means

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The business success is achieved from investment of funds and knowledge. The funds without business knowledge cant possibly develop a successful business, though knowledge alone can sometimes help in developing a business as in the case of risk investors. Greatly said, three factors are responsible to erect a successful business empire: Money, knowledge and support. If all three are present, then this is most favorable situation. If something is missing, then you may be the loser.

The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week's end

Important factors for a successful business

How three factors are integrated for a business success? Funds are primary source of business investment and knowledge helps in right investment. Support may be in financial or non-financial form. The non-financial support is professional support which may not sometimes be needed when you have ample knowledge to proceed with the business. Financial support is important when funds are not enough to invest in a business.

The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week’s end

This is not a title of the story book but a headline that appeared in Silicon Valley Business Journal on April 20, 2018. This is about venture funding of five bay area companies. The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week’s end update By Cromwell Schubarth TechFlash Editor of this journal provided details of these five potentially sound companies of Silicon Valley that collectively received venture funding worth $50 million for successful growth of their business. This is a type of private equity or say financing offered by funds or firms to startups and developing firms that have shown high growth or having high growth potential.

Why The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week’s end

This is a financial support which we discussed above and that fills the gap when a business has insufficient funds but complete knowledge. The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week’s end is something that updated all factors needed by these five companies to move forward with their success plan.

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