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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Agriculture

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The agricultural sector can solve some of the biggest problems we face today. Here are a few methods how.

  1. One of the main problems faced is that of plastic. The plastic problem which is $5.87 billion can be solved by agriculture in a large way. Plastic can be used for seed trays, mulch film, drip tape, hoop house covers, water pipes, twine, fertilizer bags, hose, tool handles, totes and more. Infact rows of plants can be marked by stakes which are made of plastic. Plastic film when used works as weed suppressants. These retain heat as well as moisture and so there is not much water needed and even things can be grown during off season time. This allows small farms to have impressive yields. Plastic is also used for nursery containers as well as silage bags and pesticide containers too. Southern farmers use plastic so it cools the plant and soil and in cooler regions it is used to heat the plants and soil. When plastic film is put on planting rows, the fertilizer is prevented from getting washed off every time it rains.
  2. Another huge problem is that of pollution. Pollution can be solved by more greenery. Pollution in general means controlling of effluents into the soil, water and air. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen which helps to purify the air. Soil erosion can be stopped or reduced considerably due to plants and greenery. This is how pollution which is one of the major problems of our world can be solved by agriculture and forestry.
  3. Medicines and medication as well as doctors bills are a huge issue especially among those belonging to the poorer sections of society or those that do not have insurance. This can be solved to quite an extent by growing medicinal herbs and plants and changing to natural means of medication. Not only will people when they consume these herbs live better and healthier lives but they will also not need allopathic medications and in some cases even operations can be circumvented by consuming or application of herbs and herbal extracts. These herbs and plant products when consumed do not cause side effects so these are much healthier to consume than other manufactured medicines made of artificial chemicals.

These are just few of the ways that agriculture can solve or atleast reduce to a large extent the problems faced by the world.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Agriculture And Forestry

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Agriculture and forestry like every other field has a number of misconceptions which are attached to them. Some of these misconceptions are very widespread. Here are a few of them detailed out.

The 5 misconceptions regarding agriculture are:

  1. Global hunger is due to food shortage : This is not right. In fact there is enough food which is produced in the world that can feed everyone. However, there are various factors such as political, social and economic factors which are the cause of global hunger.
  2. Raw and fresh vegetables are more nutritious ad healthy than cooked, canned and frozen vegetables. This is not true at all.
  3. Ehtanol production is not wise as more energy is needed to produce it than the amount it yields. This is not true as every kilocalorie used for ethanol production yields 1.67 kilocalories of energy.
  4. The genes of a person can be changed when they eat fruit and vegetables which are genetically modified. This is false as the ingestion of proteins are used for building more protein and the source is immaterial for the body.
  5. 1 pound of beef requires 16 pounds of grain. This is another myth. Globally, only 0.3 pounds of grain are used for the production of a single pound of beef.Agriculture And Forestry

Some myths regarding forestry are :

  1. Pine forests are like biological deserts as there is nothing for wildlife there. This is wrong as it does produce good habitat for wildlife and for various species of game.
  2. Timber and wildlife cannot be managed in the same acreage. This is wrong as good timber management creates forest habitats that are dynamic and these can meet the objectives of specific wild life.
  3. Foresters are converting to pine all the areas which were hardwood ones. This is wrong. The actual hardwood losses come from converting these forests to housing developments, for constructing of roads and for agriculture.
  4. Cutting big trees allow younger trees to get more room so that they can be valuable. This again is not true. Larger trees are usually bigger as they are fast growers. The rate of growth depends on the competition, fertility of the soil and the species.
  5. Fire is bad for wildlife. Well, wildfires are bad but prescribed burning helps the habitat to improve. This is done under controlled conditions. This helps to improve the habitat as it increases production to five times that which is available.
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